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Universal Worldwide International Travel Adapter Plug

  • Stop carrying multiple adapters and make traveling convenient with this SmartPro all-in-one world travel adapter. Compact and lightweight, this power adapter makes a perfect travel companion wherever you go.
  • It is compatible with Australian, UK, Spain, US, and Japanese style plugs, making it one of the most useful and versatile plug adapters. In short, it is designed to suit the power plugs used in over 150 different countries, so you just don’t need to worry about connectivity issues when you travel abroad.
  • This travel adapter also has a built-in surge protector to prevent power fluctuations from harming your charging gadgets. The child protection safety shutter incorporated in this adapter comes in handy in places where the power outlets are within the reach of kids.
  • Its power indicator light lets you know if the plug is turned on/off and its open and lock switches are a great way to ensure safety. SmartPro all-in-one world travel adapter is your one-stop accessory for all your power adapter needs when you’re away from home.