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Samsung Galaxy S10 Tempered Glass (Full with Fingerprint Recognition)

  • High Durability and Quality: Our screen protector is made with premium glass that is built to last. Engineered for enhanced impact resistance to keep your phone safe and looking brand new. A surface hardness of 9H protects against scratches (keys, knives, etc...). Enjoy full-screen protection without compromising the beautiful display quality of your Galaxy S10 Plus. Ultra-thin size and case friendly with high transparency allow the screen protector to be non-intrusive while maximizing display quality.
  • Anti-Fingerprint Oil Coating: Contains oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints from staying on your screen protector.
  • Bubble Free: Easy installation with wipes and dust-absorber included to prevent bubbles from forming. Simple and easy to use, providing you with a hassle-free installation experience.
  • Advanced Silicone Adhesion: Strong silicone adhesion provides powerful hold, keeping the screen protector attached and secured to your phone.
  • *Important: Resetting the fingerprint scanner is recommended in order for the screen protector to work with the scanner.
  • Surface Hardness: 9H

    A.S.F: Anti-Shatter Film

    Condition: New

  • 1 x Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    1 x Wet and Dry Towel Wipes

    1 x Dust-Absorber Sticker