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iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 Soft Silicone Case Cover (Assorted Color)

  • Compatibility: Give your iPhone 7/8 protection that is as efficient as it is discreet with this ultra-thin silicone case. Soft-touch, easy to use, and to maintain, this case is ideal for those who wish to match their iPhone to their mood.
  • Material: TPU is a kind of elastomer plastic, whose suppleness is not unlike silicone. This protection possesses a great shock-absorption capacity, therefore giving your iPhone optimal protection. Because of its smooth exterior, TPU protections glide easily out of your pocket and dust doesn’t stick on it, making the maintenance extremely simple.
  • Shock Absorption: This case is made of silicone, a very supple plastic famous for decreasing the effects of shocks. This material stops effectively the shock waves resulting from falls and collisions, allowing those who tend to drop their iPhone a well-needed rest.